August 27, 2015

Child and Family Team

hands-598145_1280What is ‘The Child and Family Team’?

The wraparound process is a means to enhance the lives of children and families with complex needs. It is not a program or a service type. Instead, it is a process used by communities to support children with multiple needs and their families. Learn more about the Wraparound Process here.

One of the key characteristics of the process is that the plan is developed by a family entered team, is individualized, is modeled on the strengths and culture of a child and their family, and is driven by needs rather than services.  This team is commonly referred to as the Child and Family Team (CFT).

The family is integral and must have ownership of the plan which is developed. Planning meetings cannot take place without the presence of the family. This ensures that the family has voice and choice when it comes to the process.  This Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is coordinated by the CFT.

The CFT is made up of the child’s family and anyone else who cares about and knows the child and family best.  The composition of the team is chosen by the family and is ideally less than 50% of professionals.  On the other hand, the team focuses on increasing the number of natural families supports that is those people the family can turn to who are not rendering professional services (e.g. a clergy person, a neighbor, a friend, etc.) ADP.

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